Who We Are ?

Why PhiTex

In naked eye "Phi" is just the 21st letter of Greek Alphabet. But if one goes through it he will find that from tiny finger print to infinite space, little butterfly to human body, Philosophy to Science "Phi" is present everywhere. For this omnipresence of Phi in nature it is treated as the "Finger Print of the Almighty''. Philosopher refers it as "The Golden Ratio" of nature.

Textile Industry of Bangladesh has passed a long way and it has still infinite miles to go. We believe as a Textile Professional it is our responsibility to make a small but significant foot step in this journey. That's why we are using "Phi Tex" to make positive impact in all the branches of textile industry through our relentless effort and trustworthy service. Through our dedication and commitment we want to shape your all the dream of Textile in a scintillating way.

Phi Tex

Shaping the dream of textile.

It’s our journey aiming to create a perfect solution in each steps of textile sector. We do not want to address ourselves as the so called supplier, rather we love to introduce us as a trustworthy partner of service providers of textile sector in their challenging period. We have converted our moto from ensuring quality and timeliness to the perfections.

What is our Objective

Our objective is to provide perfect services in all stages of the textile industry. We have a very good source for local and overseas fabric and trims. We have turned our services to an extent where we are not worried about commitment;rather we are involving ourselves to develop our product range and diving us to the core of customers demand. We are being developed in garments trading also day by day. We have a dexterous merchant teamand already entered to European and Middle East market with few Garment customers. We are offering a quick solution in every cases of quality assurance and control as we have well trained quality team also.

Who we are

A flock of hard working, highly proactive and self- motivated textile engineers mainly originated from Pabna Textile Engineering College, having a common dream, have been together under an umbrella named PHITEX.

Our Vision

To provide optimum quality products, information service with competitive price & faster time schedule to our clients. To embrace every query of our clients with great care & skilled enough to support in every aspects.